I spy with my little eye... a Gourmet Grocer.

Last week-end, the Gentleman and I went on an adventure. We tried to find the Milk and Honey in Emirates Hills. I knew exactly where the one on the Palm was but we decided to try the other one. Why... Why did we put ourselves into that? It took us a good 45 minutes to locate the Shop, and I am absolutely unable to explain how to get there, you will have to rely on the website's map. I knew I was one of the worst co-drivers in the World, well this time it wasn't just my lack of orientation skills: bizzarely enough, you should take the route to the Springs to get to the Grocer when it is supposed to be located in Emirates Hills. I will not go round that path again, the whole drive was painful enough. Thanks to the Gentleman skills, we finally got there. 
Well, there is no difference between this Milk and Honey and the one on the Palm: it is a fine Grocer, with a few fresh Vegetables and Cheeses. Very nice condiments but not a lot of things to put them on. We would have liked to find great Meat, amazing Cheeses, or even good Fish, but most of the items were presserved. We did fond things we wouldn't have found anything else, so it is interesting in that sense: nice disposable Cutlery, fine Honey... But we didn't get surprised. We will go back, in a year, when our new delicate Honey Pot is finish, or whenever we feel like a golden Eclair.

To find Milk and Honey, have a look at their website here.

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