I spy with my little eye... a Fashion Collaboration.

I am not always a big fan of fashion Collaborations, the purist in me likes to follow the evolution of a Brand but I am not often thrown away by mixes, it is a very delicate manipulation that needs a lot of balance. I will confess I didn't even visit H&M for their 3 last collaboration. Not that I'd rather pay full price, not that I want exclusivity, just that what I love in Fashion is Quality, Craftsmanship, Creativity and Consistency, and I find that these often dissolve in a collaboration, along with the DNA of both brands.
Surprisingly enough, Carven and Petit Bateau do work really well together. Both their styles are based on simple cuts and colours, "modernity and honesty" as the spokesperson from Petit Bateau puts it. The capsule collection will be available worldwide as from the 6th December.
That is one collaboration I look forward to!

More information to come on Petit Bateau website here.

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