I spy with my little eye... a Cultural Contribution.

Yes Ladies and Gentlemen, HOB does now collaborate with Klap! So what is Klap? It is an online Cultural Magazine, it is multicultural, multi-discipline and multi-voices, written by a collective of cool kids and culture junkies all over the world, it's about Cinema, Art, Beauty, Literature, Food, Music, Travel, Fashion... with by-monthly themes. September and October were "Un/Conventional", November and December will be "Fant/Asia". Watch out for that little gem full of Culture, Energy and Coolness!

And to read HOB's first article on Dubai's Cinema Platinum Suites "First class ? Gold class? No. Platinum Suite.", click here. Yes, we have special Cinemas here in Dubai!
Happy reading everybody!

To read and follow KlapMag, click here.

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