I spy with my little eye... a Winner!

If you've been following, you know I like to play this little game I call "let's try hairdressers all over the world". So far I've seen my hair smoke in Lebanon, I've seen 2 hairdressers trying to manage my curls at the same time in Thailand, I've been sitting for an hour without being able to see myself because the mirror was hung up too high in Lybia, I have been looking for a proper blow-dry in Dubai for a year... and I have missed my Lebanese hairdresser in Paris loads! 
In Dubai I tried a few, and I will be very honest: Franck Provost was a disaster. First time of my life I actually got out of a salon with a ponytail, it was nearly insulting how bad it was. Pastel was sweet but unable to manage my hair without a hair straightener. Why would I pay someone to do something I can do myself at home? Plus, I do not have afro hair. Curly yes, frizzy, yes, but not untameable. Belle Femme was the closest to what I consider a blow dry, I only got out of there with one bobby pin to keep the fringe in place... Until my dear friend A. sent me to Carita at Zabeel Saray on the Palm. What a revelation despite my first doubts. Her name is Salome, and she does wonders! She was trained in Paris by Alexandre Zouari before she joined Carita, and she knows a good fringe! She managed to get me out of the salon without a single bobby pins (hurray for the Hairdresser!), and a huge feeling of relief. I can stop searching, I found her. Good news is: the price is right too and if you can't get Salome, Zein is great as well, I will take A.'s word!

Zabeel Saray Hotel
The Palm
To phone Carita: +971 4 453 04 58

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