I spy with my little eye... a French brunch in Dubai.

You might have noticed that I am not really a brunch bunny. I will always prefer a nice breakfast + lunch (2 occasions to eat will always be better than one in my world) to an afternoon of stuffing my face, risking an indigestion and feeling like the day slipped through my fingers. That being said, when A. announced that she would like the gang to celebrate her engagement by brunching at Traiteur, Park Hyatt Creek, I wouldn't have missed it! And it was the perfect occasion to try the best brunches in Dubai (dixit Time Out)!

I obviously got lost looking for the restaurant, as I always do... I passed by it but was looking to the right, checking that gorgeous alley when Traiteur was just in front of it, on the left. Typical me. But who wouldn't enjoy that view?

Once I finally found it ('cause I eventually did), I was quite surprised to find a cosy place, filled with morning light. In Dubai you get used to huge spaces but Traiteur is more of a succession of medium sized rooms, that makes it actually normal and almost European if I dare say. That's a nice feeling. I absolutely loved the light, they did a great job with these windows and light interior design.
The only downside of that cosy place is that it isn't easy to walk around the food stations, it can easily get crowded and when you have a grill in the middle of the room, you have to acknowledge the fact that staying too long too close to it might add a little barbecue vibe to your pretty outfit.

Foodwise you will find a lot of shellfish, oysters, shrimps, lobster, which is always quite impressive. I loved a good little steak tartare and those truffle crème brulees were surprisingly tasty (wasn't sure what to expect). I had to make a proper effort not to overeat although I will confess I couldn't stomach dinner. Best part remains the pastries, you are all aware of my sweet tooth by now so when placed in a room full of "mignardises", I feel like I'm on a mission to try a little bit of everything... which usually ends up with a colourful plate and a big smile on my face!

I will add that a whole brunch watered with proper champagne is rare in Dubai and much appreciated! So Traiteur is an expensive choice, obviously, but it is the perfect place for a cosy catch up or to celebrate a romantic occasion (just watch out for the grill stations). I loved stepping outside to enjoy the sunset right after brunch. Thank you for a lovely day A. and Park Hyatt!
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