I spy with my little eye... a proper vintage bistrot in Dubai.

When I had dinner at the Oberoi, Chef Dirk Haltenhof told me about a few new restaurants to try in Dubai so I took notes and last week, I had dinner at Fumé, at Pier 7 in the Marina. "You will see, they are not completely open but if you push the door, they will be there" were Dirk's exact words, so we were not sure what we were going to find. I personally find it difficult to find my way around Pier 7 (might have something to do with my poor sense of orientation), there are no signs and the place still feels unfinished, so I asked a few people along the way and finally arrived to a huge open door. 

The space is huge with different little nooks and a smoking/bar area that isn't open since they don't have the alcoholic licence yet. The view is amazing, the ceiling high windows are right on the water, which brings a lot of light in the daytime I would imagine. I was instantly charmed by the retro vibe, the wooden furniture, the iron tea pots hanging, the bare walls, the original 1940's coca cola fridge, what's not to love? Simple, retro and full of fun details.

On the menu you will find classic American style lunch and dinner items, steaks, burgers, salmon, fried chicken, doughnuts, but also a bit of an Asian vibe. There is something for everybody, the service is smiley, lovely and efficient (that last one makes the difference). It was easy, simple and non pretentious, everything I love.

I went for a burger, that came pretty quickly. they were tender, spicy, just what I needed. Big up for the home made ketchup and the chunky potatoes, I love the fact that you can't question the quality of the work that's been done in the kitchen. My dish was made from scratch and that brought a very homey vibe to the experience.

Last but not least: the prices are right. I was actually surprised not to pay more. Such a refreshing experience in Dubai! I will definitively be back for more, Fumé, you got me at the first vintage photo on the wall, you will see me again. Merci Chef Haltenhof for sending me there!

More information here.

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