I spy with my little eye... retro make-up.

What is tiredness? Tiredness is meaning to try new cosmetics 3 mornings in a row and realising half-way through your make-up you went with your regular products... This week-end I finally succeeded in fighting my routine and took time to try out my Benefit Glambox goodies. I love the retro packaging, perfect for a vintage gal'. For some reason I was in a 60's mood so here we go, reviewo'clock!

I never use foundation. I don't see the point of covering my skin with layers of products, taking the risk of obstructing my pores if I don't really need it. I use matte powder in the evening or when I feel a little bit too shiny (not a fan of shimmering products, you know me), but that's pretty much it. So I was a bit curious to try the Porefessional balm, and I have to say, I was actually impressed! I'm always wary of coloured products since I never know if it's going to match my skin tone but this one melted perfectly, I could see a net improvement, my pores were less visible and it dried into  a powdery veil, leaving my skin really soft, loved it!
On top of it (go big or go home, if I'm going to do foundation, might as well go for the full set, 2 layers of products, let's be crazy!), I added the Big Easy oil free SPF 35 foundation. Here again, I wasn't sure of the colour but luckily it worked perfectly. Big up for the SPF 35, a must in Dubai. The product aims to balance the complexion, therefore I applied it mostly on the T-zone, as for the texture, here again, it was featherlight, I have nothing to complain about, if I was wearing foundation daily I would seriously consider it.

I have a tendency to use concealer as a primer for my eyeshadow. I'm sure a lot of make-up artists will say it's a mistake, so far it works for me. So I applied the Fake Up under but also over the eyelid. The hydrating balm around the colour in the stick makes it very smooth and easy to apply, so I enjoyed it.
Now mascara and eyeliner are the 2 products I use the most so I have tried a few on the market. I did like the They're Real mascara, the brush separates the lashes perfectly, which is important to me, I hate spending hours brushing them, and the formula is well balanced: easy to apply and does a good thickening job.
The one negative point, and I am sorry to say it, it the latest novelty, the They're Real push-up liner. It didn't agree with me at all. I found it difficult to calculate the right amount of product, the formula is too dry to draw my wings and the brush was too stiff to allow me to do anything else than a straight line. That eyeliner is definitively not for me.

So to sum it up, I discovered really good foundation products, which is something I wasn't expecting but I got disappointed by the eyeliner.

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