I spy with my little eye... matte lipstick love.

I wear a lot of lipstick, but I have a deep and solid hatred for glosses: I never understood the appeal of sticky lips. Shiny lipstick is borderline. I can deal with it but it's not my favourite, now give me a matte lipstick and I'm a happy gal'. Therefore I am loving this new trend of matte liquid formulas. Sephora's Cream Lip Stain n°1 never leaves my doctor's bag, and it is very happy to welcome a new addition: Bourjois's Rouge Edition Velvet!

I absolutely love the formula: it's easy to apply, light, and turns matte within 2 minutes. It's comfortable and lasts for hours! Trust me, I washed my face, got out of the shower and was surprised by this bright pink smile in the mirror... I also like the fact that Bourjois played around with colours a little bit more than Sephora so I get to add brighter and softer colours to my collection. So far n°2 Frambourjoise is my favourite. A raspberry pink I find perfect for daytime.

More information on Bourjois here.

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