I spy with my little eye... my new favourite breakfast spot!

The Lime Tree, Tom & Serg, Pantry Café, these are all good addresses for breakfast but lately I discovered a little gem at City Walk: Sapori di Bice. The concept is very simple: Italian food, good bread and lots of pastries (what's not to like?). The reason why I particularly like it isn't crowded yet. You can actually wake up while sipping your latte instead of feeling assaulted by the noise and volume as soon as you enter the restaurant. The place is divided in 2 spaces, so I like to sit next to the windows (conveniently, that's where the pastries happen to be).

I obviously wouldn't go for pasta early morning but the home-made pain au chocolat is very good, crispy, and has that 2 chocolate lines. I insist that a French pain au chocolat should always have 2 lines of chocolate, if there is only one I feel robbed so well done Sapori! Little things make me happy as you can see, remember? details are not just details. I like the fact that the portions are European (read "human" here), and since my little morning appetite couldn't finish the bunch of pastries included in the continental breakfast, they kindly wrapped them up for me to take them back home.
That's an other thing I really appreciate: since they are not overloaded yet, the service is attentive, smiley and very efficient. Definitively a plus when you are still waking up: I hate having to fight for my coffee.
Since the place makes bread, we took a bunch of baguettes and cereal breads back home and I have to say, they were excellent, and lasted a couple of day which is rare in Dubai. I really appreciated.
Last but not least, they have amazing ice-cream. The best coffee ice-cream I've had in Dubai, without a doubt. They don't have a lot of flavours but the ones they have are perfectly executed, that's my kind of place: a proper menu shouldn't involve 5 different cuisines, choose one, and be the best at it.
Sapori also seems to be a good spot for baby showers and other joyful events, as I said, it is still calm and therefore cosy and I would like to think (or at least hope) that it will stay this cosy, refined and smiley place even after all of Jumeirah discovers it (please don't ruin it for me).
Thank you Sapori for the warm welcoming, we will be back!

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