I have good news for those who want to experiment a little bit of beautiful Glyndebourne: the website of the festival will be showing 2 little operas direct tonight. 
I saw these 2 pieces, and I will happily be behind my computer tonight to watch them again. "L'heure espagnole" and "L'enfant et les sortileges" are 2 small Ravel operas, each of them lasts only one hour, and both are in French. 
"L'heure espagnole" is a comedy about a watchmaker's wife trying to juggle with her lovers, it's funny, quick, unexpected, unconventionnal for an opera and brilliantly played by the sexy, and talented Stephanie d'Oustrac. The singers are having so much fun on stage it's difficult to resist this farce.
"L'enfant et les sortileges" is litteraly enchanting. It's an oneiric and magical tale of personnification in which a young and naughty boy is being told of by his environment. All of a sudden, the couches, tea cups, wallpaper and animals come to life. Each scene lasts for 2 minutes, there is a good 30 singers on stage and the work on the costumes and decors is absolutely amazing. I would absolutely go and see it again with a nephew, child, god child if I had the chance...
I also want to say a big thank you to the team of 15 people who will be stuck in a truck, filming and setting up the whole show so we can watch it live. They are very technical and talented, it's a big team work and I was lucky enough to meet them and enjoy their backstage stories, thank you for that work!

You can watch the Ravel Double Bill on Glyndebourne website here, today at 6pm BST.

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