Now that you got a glimpse of Glyndebourne, let me explain why I loved it so much, and why I am so thankful to my arty friends for inviting me to this special event. In Paris, the dress code is casual chic, in Dubai, it's often casual bling, in London I would say casual quirky, well in Glyndebourne, the dress code is chic. Just chic. The first evening I was there, I got dressed for the Ravel Double Bill, a cute little flower knee-length dress. Got out of my room, bumped into the singer of the House: "Is this what you are wearing?", oups, looks like I underestimated Glyndebourne, long dress it is then. As I said, Glyndeborne is chic, just chic.
Driving there is a delight, the countryside is truly beautiful, it's wild and green, no wonder writers were inspired by the UK. When you get there, you discover a Castel and a lovely Field filled with smart people. Gentlemen in Suits and Bow Ties, sometimes even Suspenders, Ladies in long Dresses, Boys in Suits and Girls in vaporous Dresses, their long hair flowing... It's gorgeous. Everybody's setting their pic nics, having a bubbly drink before the Opera. It feels like jumping into Mary Poppins World, it's timeless.
After a Drink in the Sun, the smart crowd heads to the Opera. The first show or the first part of the Show lasts let's say an hour, then the audience gets a whole hour and a half to enjoy an outdoors Dinner. A real intermission does make a real difference in the way I enjoyed the Shows I was lucky to attend. I usually find it hard to stay focused for two or three hours in a row, this time, I am fully involved from beginning till the end. It probably has a lot to do with the quality of the Singers, Mise en Scene and choice of the pieces, but a real pause also definitively helped. And just sitting in that Field, watching the people come and go is aestheticaly amazing.

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