Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi. You dine there, you attend receptions there, go for shows... I actually slept there. We tend to forget that it is actually a Hotel. So here we go, one Night in a Palace! 
First of all, you have to read that post while humming "A whole new World" (Aladdin - World Disney, yes, absolutely), because that's basically the Soundtrack that played in my Head for the whole Evening and Night I spent there.
The Place was disturbingly desert, but they still make you wait for the check in, right before they give you the coldest towel you've ever touched to freshen up (which, considering the fact that you've already dropped 20 degrees celsius when entering the place is not really necessary). Abu Dhabi works in mysterious ways.
The service is very nice and helpful: as a Woman, you get a cute little Bouquet, as you know, I am all about Details, so I appreciated the Attention very much. Then they walk you to your Room while explaining all about the East, West, and Central Wings, which is very useful because the place is huge, and I have a terrible sense of orientation. So after a 15 minutes walk through various shop corridors and antic displays (that actually made me uncomfortable: African statues behind a glass, watching you, at Night, not my Dream), and a one Floor elevator ride (just in case my legs were tired after walking 15 minutes?), we finally reached the Room. Land!
It was very nice, spacious... and golden of course... "A whole new World", remember? Instead of explaining all about the Spa and the Restaurants, and the Wings, it would have been nice if our host had explained how to manage the lights in the Room? It seriously took 10 minutes and 2 brains to figure out, first that there was a remote control, second, how to use it, and we felt like we had sent a rocket on the Moon and we finally mastered the whole thing.
We had Dinner at the Chinese restaurant, but that's an other story. Lovely Night, very comfy.
Smooth Morning, except for the 10 minutes "let's figure out how to open the curtains" challenge, no remote control this time, just good old strings I pulled from the top of the Armchair, the only place I could actually reach them from (yes, I also have an acrobatic career), followed by the equally challenging "let's try and get the sound on the TV to follow the news" episode. Unfortunately, we were defeated on this battle, neither the remote nor the TV would obey... Not a problem considering the exquisite Breakfast that was waiting for us on the Balcony. Right on time (I like that), generous and very good. Again "A whole new World".
A very nice and funny experience. Lovely, smiley and helpful service, and an amazing Morning time. Thank you for that special Night in Aladdin's World!

Emirates Palace
West Corniche, Abu Dhabi

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