I cannot come to London without Vintage Shopping, some people have chocolate cravings, I have vintage cravings. So I began with Beyond Retro around Oxford Circus, then took the metro to Liverpool Station to wander around Brick Lane. Can't get enough of Brick Lane. There is one shop that I absolutely would recommend, it's called "This shop rocks" (131, Brick Lane), three generations of sellers work there and I was told that the Grandfather was in charge of Hats. So I turned to the vintage version of the sellers to check a few Hats. I quickly understood the Gentheman knew what he was talking about, so I asked "Were you a Milliner?", indeed, he was. The Man knows his Stuff, I had an amazing time chatting with him and got two beautiful Hats. I cannot wait to wear them.
I passed by Absolute Vintage and visited the other Beyond Retro on Chechire Street, but never found anything there so far... but This Shop Rocks, brilliant!

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