I went to Dragon Mart for the first time yesterday, Boy what an adventure it was! How can I put this? Dubai can be messy but Dragon Mart is probably the biggest Soukh in town: you can find everything there, beads, electronics, sofas, fishing poles, frames, kitchen supplies, plants, clothes, collars, wheelchairs, ribbons... You can refurbish your entire home there. It is endless. I was lucky enough to go with a Friend who knew exactly where she was going (sort of), which save me a lot of time! You still end up walking 45 minutes from one shop to an other but at least you don't go up and down the mall for hours (especially when you have the sense of orientation of a bubble). I will show you what I got later but I will say one thing: if you know what you are looking for or have a special event to organise (baby shower, engagement party, birthday...) and have a little bit of patience and good shoes, it is a gold mine!

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