Zighy Bay in Oman! I spent an amazing week-end at the Six Senses Hotal/Spa. departure from Dubai on Friday afternoon, my first long drive, and my first fine too... Oupsy! Looks like my personal trainer is doing a great job and I am not afraid of speed anymore. It took me a good 2.30-3 hours to get to Oman, passports are required of course but no Visa and no car insurance (bliss!). The drive gets rocky after the border so I handed the steering wheel to the Man in the Car, but the arrival once you've passed the Mountains and get a look at the resort down below is impressive.
The Staff is very smiley and organised, everything was timed and perfectly on time (how unusual). They show you to your Villas while giving you a tour of the Village, it's really cute and kind of natural while being extremely luxurious at the same time. I have to admit it was much more humid than in Dubai so the private pool was very much appreciated. Gorgeous villa and Room, outside Shower (wasn't expecting it in the Middle East, but it was a really good surprise, loved it!). Each villa gets 2 or more bicycles depending on the number of guests, to wander around the Village, and the little Bell that it ringed every time someone is at your Door is a real Pleasure!
As you know it, it is Ramadan, so they didn't serve any alcohol but the mini-bar was full, you could bring your own Bottles and they even changed a Villa into a Bar, how convenient! The Restaurant up in the Mountains called "Sense on the Edge" was closed, so we had Dinner at the "Summer House", very classical, nothing to declare, but i highly recommend the private BBQ in your own Villa! The Food is really fresh (hello Lobster Tails!) and the Staff is very sweet, very romantic.
Tomorrow I will tell you about the Spa... To be continued...

To know more about Six Senses at Zhigy Bay, click here.

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