I spy with my little eye... an evening with Roger Vivier and Ines de la Fressange.

Last week I had the chance to spend an evening in Paris. Or at least it felt like Paris in this garden at the One and Only on the Palm, and believe me, I earned this little moment in heaven. I started at the One and Only onshore. I thought I would take the boat. I checked with the hotel team, I checked with the Jetty team, I waiting half an hour to be told that the boat was full and I should wait for the next one. I (used my eyelashes) kindly explained that by the time the next boat arrived, my press event would be over, so the captain took me onboard "at his own risk", that were his words. No iceberg in sight, we were lucky enough to make it to the palm side of the One and Only (20min of suspens as you can imagine). Once there I was explained that I had to take a buggie to get to the main hotel (and then a scooter and a skate board, just kidding). You can easily imagine my relief when I finally pushed the huge door of the garden to find shoes everywhere, and a very accessible Ines. The Roger Vivier collection was all satin and bright colours with a baroque touch, very Carrie Bradshaw in Paris, I love it. And what a pleasure to host a real "titi parisien" in Dubai! I am talking about Ines here. You may not all be familiar with the concept of the "titi parisien" so let me explain, it's a french expression for people who were born and raised in Paris, the best example would be Gavroche, they have that big mouth and quick responses to everything, they yalk the truth, don't care about what people think and usually have that french "je ne sais quoi" style. This is exactly the idea I had from Ines and I wasn't wrong, she is stunning and will talk to you about her addiction for cigarette without a hint of reserve "oh well who cares!". I loved her instantly. So I want to thank the press team, here in Dubai and in Paris for bringing more style and chic shoes to Dubai!

Happy to finish the post with the lovely Lisa's smile! Check out her blog here.

And to have a look at the gorgeous Roger Vivier's collection, click here.

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