I spy with my little eye... an inaugural Parisian Art Show.

If you are in Paris on Thursday 7th February, do not miss the opening of the Perception Park gallery 20 rue Domat, 75005 Paris. The eclectic artist Celia Nkala is opening her Park of ideas, creations, projects, objects, talks, experiences, constructions... She will be showing pieces by Ludicive Sibelle, Keen Souhlal, Coraline de Chiara, Estelle Vernay, Sandra Aubry, Sebastien Bourg and Taizo Yamamoto. You can expect conceptual conversations, inspired minds, creativity, absurdity, surprises and art, lots of art. I wish I could attend so I count on my Parisian friends and readers to represent HOB.

For more information, click here.
To visit Perception Park's website, click here.

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