I spy with my little eye... a new Art Show.

If you are feeling arty tonight, head towards the Cuadro Gallery in DIFC to discover their new show: "Here Today - A record of urban impermanence" featuring artists, Vikram Divecha, Sinisa Vlajkovic, and Sami Al Turki. "In response to landscape being altered and architecture demolished to pave way for glossy newness there is an rapidly fading sense of what "is" Drawing on an almost exisistentialist faculty, arists attempt to shed light on the world as they know it". An urban show that promises to give us some interesting thinking on our fast paced lives in Dubai, or Gotham City as I like to call it.

For more information, click here.


  1. All right, just fell in love with HOB, what a lovely page :)

  2. Merci! Love hearing your feedbacks! x


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