I spy with my little eye... a Lady with a Gun.

There is one thing I absolutely love to do, especially if I'm angry and need to release tension, it's shooting (remember this post?). I love to hold guns. They just happen to match my heels perfectly. 
Last week-end, after baking cupcakes, deeting on the beach with the Ladies, I headed to the Jebel Ali Shooting Club with the Chaps for a well deserved Shooting session. Because it's well known: after the beach, comes the shooting. I tried a few things and so far: I am not great at Shotguns, they are too heavy for me, although I was shooting with a man's Shotgun, which might explain my clumsiness (note to self: remember I'm a Lady), I can manage with a 9mm, but what I am good at, without hesitation is the 22cl, probably more appropriate for a Lady. 


  1. Nice shooting....didn't know how dangerous you are!! LOL!! I hope life is going well? Catch up soon!? M xx

  2. My heels and I love shooting. Was thinking of posting about Xpose so would be good to catch up! x


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