I spy with my little eye... a Parisian woman's right to wear Trousers.

The French government had to remind the Paris population that yes, women are now allowed to wear trousers, or more precisely: to "dress like men". I can understand your surprise, I am sure many of you didn't know that up until recently, Parisian ladies were forbidden to wear trousers by law. In 1800, a law text was voted, stating that any woman who wanted to dress like a man should apply for a police certificate to get an authorisation. The purpose of this law was to control women who started to take "liberty" too seriously and demand the right to perform men's jobs and wear men's clothes. In 1930, this text was used to take back Violette Morris Olympic medal because she insisted on wearing pants. This law was never really suppressed but isn't applied nowadays obviously because it goes against the principle of equality. I just love the fact that the French government felt they had to remind France about women' right to wear trousers. Liberte, egalite, fraternite! And vive Marlene!

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  1. I saw this - made me think of you! Too funny!


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