I spy with my little eye... a stylish time at COS.

Friday was the opening of the first COS at Dubai Mall. They had the brilliant idea of hiring 3 stylists to help us with the collection, collection that, by the way, is absolutely gorgeous. I usually like COS for the simplicity and clacissism of their lines, but often find myself struggling to find the right pieces, so having Farah (from Dresscode by Farah) and Lisa (from In between the Contrasts) to help me out made everything easier. I had a great time exploring a certain collar with Farah. Thank you to COS for hosting us, thank you to Farah and Lisa for their patience and creativity.

To discover the COS collection, click here.

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  1. Non mais alors toi je veux savoir comment tu fais pour etre invitee partout! Je vais mettre du rouge a levres rouge vif moi aussi! Drink(s) cette semaine by the way?


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