I spy with my little eye... an 80's birthday in Dubai.

As Kylie Minogue put it in 1988: I should be so lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky... lucky indeed, that all friends gathered in my little flat to celebrate my double digit birthday. They brought their dancing moves and 80's outfits, inspired by songs and movies to spin like a record. I was very touched to see how many of them showed up. 
And I learnt 2 things on that evening: 
1- ageing with great people by your side is FUN!
2- I will probably hate the day I get married. There I said it, I'm the lady who won't like her wedding day. And this is the reason why: I was frustrated not to have time to sit and catch up properly with everyone on them (which explains why some of the pictures here are c/o L.), which, I have a feeling, is exactly what happens the day you get hitched.
I got spoiled with gifts and attention and surprised by an amazing video of friends worldwide sending me their birthday wishes, thank you so much for the time and love!

Sis' and lil' bro.

 The very first bottle of champagne I opened nearly exploded (update: my ceiling survived without a scratch. Lucky girl)

L. and A., I am so very proud of having friends who will always get 100% involved. Love you ladies.

Beautiful and wise D.!

There is nothing more special than a home made cake. Thank you M. for spending 2 days in your kitchen, I fed on cake and cupcakes only the day after, I promise!

Madonna aka L. opening a bottle of champagne!

M. channeling Elton John, he is the Italian Mama I never had!

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