I spy with my little eye... Bleu Blanc Rouge.

I just love the fact that celebrating the 4th of July feels like celebrating Bastille day: same colours! Only we celebrate with "bals musettes" and nice firemen, Americans celebrate with beer-pong and apple pies. I had never played beer-pong before, and let's make something straight: I am never playing this again. I have a whole new respect for fraternities. But I loved the apple pie, the cookies, the country music, the santiags and the enthusiasm! 
The hostess said "red, white and blue dress code, stripes and stars would be appreciated". A sailor top, white pair of shorts a red Loubis later, here I am!

See: French flag, American flag, same same but different!

M. and I, happy cheerleader smiles.

Happy nuggets, it doesn't get more American then that.

American manicure, that's how perfectionist M. is.

Can't have a 4th of July without an Apple Pie! Thank you L. it was delish!

Face paint, of course! (photo c/o L.)

The perfect purse for the occasion, love M.'s style!


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  1. What are American Nuggets? they can't be an American product and I have never seen them, right?


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