I spy with my little eye... Women of the Middle East.

I met Heather Finnecy through a photographer friend in Dubai on a sunny lazy day. She is an American photographer herself who decided to explore the Middle East on her own (well, with her camera), and more specifically the women of the Middle East. Heather is a modern lady who reads the news and travels but she realised it was tricky to actually understand the concept of being a woman in the Middle East because of the variety of backgrounds, cultures and the fact that even if their voices are louder and louder everyday, it's not easy to get the full picture. One day she packed her bag and flew to Kuwait, than Jordan, the UAE, and Lebanon. She is fun, easy going, adventurous and more than anything else: curious. She met Kuwaitis, Jordanians, Lebanese, Americans, Filipinos, Indians... who opened their doors to her just like I did (please, excuse the tired face). Hope you will enjoy the words and pictures.
And take a little time to visit Heather's site From What I Can See it's a beautiful project that deserves to be known (and here's the link to her article on me).


  1. Her work is really amazing! I love the concept and the way it tells a story (and the pictures she made of you too ;))
    Bisou !

  2. @Manal: Thank you for the kind words. She's a great gal', keep on watching her site, more stories coming. xx


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