I spy with my little eye... goats and rose in Batroun.

Now yesterday I showed you the shiny showy side of Lebanon. Today let me show you how they do laid back countryside. It all started with 3 cars, 3 drivers, and 3 hours of driving. Beirut is famous for it's traffic, there's a reason to that. The interesting thing is that Beirut will provide the entertainment during the flight, sorry drive (habits): goats, Notre-Dame du Liban, fluo shishas to buy on the side of the road, a stop for your driver to get an ice-pop... Then after 3h of driving north and dozing, we finally reached Batroun and didn't quite understand at first sight why we were there. J. and A. led us to that tiny restaurant in a creek: Jammal. That's when we understood. The scenery was fantastic, it was cosy, intimate, homey, perfect. As L. put it: "this is our home now!". I'm not going to even mention the food: grilled fish and fresh salads. We spent the whole afternoon there, chatting away, exploring and swimming. One of Lebanon's little gems!

"This is our home now."

Happy crowd!


L. with the biggest smile ever!

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