I spy with my little eye... bouncing sushis and cheating Pictionary.

Ramadan has started and the whole city has calmed down. It's the perfect season for board games evenings! So we gathered, and picked three games: Mad Gab, an exotic Japanese bouncing sushi game and Pictionary. Now I can tell you we had a hilarious time, that's why: Mad Gab was made trickier by the variety of accents, we played the Japanese game completely wrong and ended up with sushis jumping all over the room and everybody was cheating at Pictionary! We had one of these remarkable Dubai family evenings, and I am unable to tell you who won!

"Eye pillow fizz sigh... Eye pillow fizz sigh... Apple of his eye!"

"Dew wino hue? ... Do I know you!"

The now famous bouncing sushis.

"A. what category is blue again?"

Pictionary cheating...

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