I spy with my little eye... champagne and truffle cheese in Paris.

I landed in Paris after 2 flights and a 3h night, a little bit overwhelmed and proudly showing off my tired face. As my favourite poem by Jacques Prevert puts it: "I am as I am. I was made like that. What do you want from me.". So "just me" landed in Paris with a joyful soul and an exhausted visage, happy to catch up with my family. Little did I know that they were not the ones waiting for me, instead I found 4 of my closest friends with a huge Happy Birthday sign! I cannot start to explain the surprise. Not only did I not expect them but on top of that they didn't know each other that well so I can easily imagine the effort behind that lovely welcoming. A big thank you to all of them for the time, effort and love! 
We all came back home to drink a few bottle of champagne, eat truffle cheese and catch up!

LOVE these guys.

D., G. and L., trying to challenge my happy face.

Truffle cheese and champagne... my sister and mother know me very well!

T. and M., observing carefully the pastries my mother brought back from Algiers. She does that a lot: flying food from one part of the world to an other. We've always had a very intercultural plate.

Lil' sis', aka Thumper.

French pastries... Now I am officially in Paris!

Watching the birthday video they were all involved in. I can't say it enough: Merci!!!

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