I spy with my little eye... a coffee with designer Sandra Mansour.

Lebanese designer Sandra Mansour studied arts in Geneva before returning to Lebanon to work with Elie Saab. With him, she learned the difference between ready-to-wear and couture and got used to playing with materials, volumes, cuts, and colours. After passing by Paris and the Instituto Marangoni for a master's degree in fashion design, Sandra came back to Beirut where she establish her brand.
Her style is simple and elegant. She plays with fabrics and transparence more than volume and structure, it is wearable and discreet, very European.
Have a look at her collections here.

HOB: If you could live in a painting, which one would it be?
S.M.: Anywhere in the Sistine chapel's ceiling, by Michel-Angelo.

HOB: If you could live in a different era, which one would you pick and why?
S.M.: I would have loved to live in the Golden Era of the 50's, for all its beauty and prosperity.

HOB: What piece of clothing reminds you of your mother?
S.M.: An elegant pair of retro pumps.

HOB: What scent takes you right back to your childhood?
S.M.: The scent of nature after the rain reminds me of our family house in the mountains.

HOB: When do you feel on holiday?
S.M.: Everytime I feel the sun on my cheeks.

HOB: What designer would you take with you on a camel ride?
S.M.: Georgio Armani I guess, just to ask him how he manages to create and monitor all of his businesses!

HOB: Your favourite recipe to make?
S.M.: Consistent salads that are quick and easy to make.

HOB: Best piece of advice you were ever given?
S.M.: "Be the change you want to see in the world".

HOB: What book changed your life?
S.M.: Not any yet!

HOB: The movie you've watched already 30 times but might watch again tonight?
S.M.: The sound of music.

HOB: Your 3 favourite spots in Beirut?
S.M.: 1- The "Raouche" seaside
2- the old port of "Jbeil"
3- the charming streets of our old Beirut

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