I spy with my little eye... Ezra's misunderstanding.

I cannot talk about the shows I didn't attend so I will share my impressions with you on 2 collections starting today with Ezra. I'm sorry to say that I didn't get his show. I didn't understand the themes, they were all entangled, I got confused by the constant mix of inspirations, some of the models could barely walk, I just didn't get the structure of the collection nor the mise-en-scene.
Now talking about the pieces, I loved the bold shoulders, I thought there was a real effort of volumes and I want to salute that. The fabrics were interesting, quite flowing (very very middle eastern style), the absence of pleats was nice and refreshing. 
But I thought the patterns were quite oldish and I definitively don't encourage the use of fringes (nobody's been wearing them since the 70's and there's a reason to that). I can't say I was surprised by that collection, but I did appreciate the volume on the following pieces:

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