I spy with my little eye... Fashion Forward and backwards.

Those oblivious to the Dubai fashion scene will probably have no clue what I'm talking about here but those living in fashionistaland as I like to call it, are well aware that last week the sandpit hosted the 2nd season of Fashion Forward aka Dubai Fashion Week. The first session I thought was interesting, I loved the talks, the fact that all the shows were on the same location, the logistics were pretty easy and efficient, sparing the fashion community a few sprained ankles (I sometimes think you should get a licence to wear over 5cm heels, after all there is a test to take for every other transport). So what was the 2nd edition like?
Well the only noticeable change was the Garden, an indoor space dedicated to accessories. Now as much as I appreciate the initiative, I deplore a lack of creativity in that area in the Middle East. I feel that if you are not into neon, studs or teeny tiny strings of gold, there's nothing for you. What about gems, what about goth inspiration, what about vintage, flowers, geometric... there is still so much to do!
I thought the installation in the corridor was good on an aesthetical point of view but wasn't the best way to showcase the pieces since the only one you could properly see was the first one (out of 10).
I have a special request to the Fashion Forward team: next season, can we have better catering? I really don't mind the small menu but the quality of the sandwiches is not fantastic. It does the trick between 2 talks but feeling bloated isn't really fashionable.
Now on the bright side, the team is always as smiley and helpful and that is a huge plus. It's easy to get into the shows if you have the proper invite (pitchouns, I'm sorry but it's your responsibility to show up with your invite) and the quality of the talks was even better than last season.
Again, this is just my humble opinion.

The corridor installation. Pretty but not the best showcase if you ask me.

One of my favourite features of fashion week: the wall of phtographers!

Jewellery with matches, I say yay for creativity!

The gorgeous Dumye dolls.

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