I spy with my little eye... more French cuisine in Dubai!

Last week I had dinner at La Serre for the first time. Located on Shaikh Mohammed Bin Rachid Boulevard, La Serre is La Petite Maison's chef own restaurant, which means: French Cuisine. The setting is simple, elegant and pristine, everything I like. The service is very attentive but not overwhelming and rather effective: the waiters actually know the menu, wine list, and I didn't spend half of the dinner trying to get their attention, which also mean I avoided the well known "restaurant stiff neck". Now I did get lost in the menu that is too extensive for me. I don't usually need more than 5 min to figure out what I want but I will be honest: I couldn't even read the whole thing, I was too hungry for that. So I went with a tuna carpaccio and a cep risotto. Both of them very fresh, tasty and quite light (I hate it when French chefs feel like they need to double the amount of butter and cream). The portions were french too: I actually managed to finish my plates for the first time since I came back to Dubai in September! Last but not least, I found the prices reasonable compared to La Petite Maison. 
All in all a very good spot for a date or a proper one-on-one catch up!

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