I spy with my little eye... the small dipper in my back.

You know that HOB is all about details. When a family member asked me if I ever noticed I had the small dipper in my back, I kept it in a corner of my mind for a while... In the 17th and 18th centuries, the courtesans use to create beauty spots in order to accentuate the paleness of their skin tone, but also to hide tiny imperfections such as spots herpes etc... These fake spots were usually made of black muslin and depending on where they were located on the body (that is to say if you had no flaws to hide), they had a special meaning. If placed near the eye, the beauty spot was called "The Passionate", placed in the corner of the lip it was called "The Kisser", under the lip was "The Cheeky", on the nose it was "The Sharpie", on the forehead "The Magnificent", on the cheek "The Courteous", on the breast "The Generous" etc... Nowadays, beauty spots are considered health threatening, they are practically the antichamber of skin cancer. Well I like mine: they tell a story. And in my back, they reflect the stars, I'm not going to complain about that.

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