I spy with my little eye... a tribute to Olga.

Who's Olga? She was my great grandmother and proud owner of this fantastic 1930's black lace dress I was lucky enough to inherit. Olga was chic, sexy, and smoked like a chimney. She was known for lining up 3 cigarettes on the edge of a table before she started painting her nails so that she would be able to pick them up without smudging the fresh nailpolish. That's how much of a nicotine addict she was. So apologies in advance, I do not smoke and do not encourage this habit but I had to involve a cigarette in this photoshoot, if only to respect Olga's memory, and to show you this little treasure I found in the south of France this summer: a 1920's cigarette holder with the integrated lighter.
Now you will spot a little one in these pictures: meet 3 months old Thatcher. He stayed with me for one week only and needs a home in Dubai. For those wondering, he didn't damage my lace dress, he is actually very gentle and loves cuddling. If you want to know more about little Thatch, leave a comment or send me an email.

Back to the 1930's.

Introducing Thatcher!

My new cigarette holder (Yes, I do not smoke. Yes I had no rational reason to buy it.)


Thatch, enjoying the lace.


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