I spy with my little eye... creative writing courses in Dubai.

I often feel like Dubai is a safe city. In terms of security, which is great, but also in terms of creativity, not so great. So when I heard about Hayley Doyle creative writing courses, I instantly wanted to attend. I did, and I am happy to report there is hope for all budding writers in the UAE! Hayley is a writer and an actress, she studied creative writing in Liverpool and is sharing all her tricks to exercise the mind and the pen to think, imagine, but also deliver quality writing. Her advice is sharp, precise, practical and useful. She is down-to-earth, humble, cheerful, full of energy, gentle and stuck in the 60's, I could not not talk about her and the work she does. 
So if you feel like training that pen of yours and finally writing that book you've been thinking about for so long now, you can contact her at: creativewritingdubai@gmail.com
She charges 700aed for four 90min sessions. 
I have a feeling you might hear from her again on HOB...

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