I spy with my little eye... the cutest cottage in Normandie.

If you've been following, you know I had a double digit birthday this year. This birthday has turned into an international celebration thanks to my amazing friends and family who gathered from Dubai to Paris, Vienna, Algiers... I don't know how to thank them for all the surprises and love I received. Two weeks ago they decided to surprise me. Their plan was to reiterate the surprise week-end they organised for me 12 years ago in Normandie. Unfortunately for them, I was quite stubborn (and panicked: please note that the last time M. went for a drive on her own, she came back 4h later than planned and drove 600km on her own in the mountains, out of reach: I had reasons to worry when she said "Pack your bag") so I kind of made it difficult for them to drag me all the way to Normandie... I'm sorry picthouns! But we finally got there, and it was the perfect get-away. Nothing changed within 12 years, we are the same silly ones, and this cottage hasn't changed a bit: the same pictures, the same little lamps, the same beds in the attic where we  used to sleep until late morning. A big Merci for organising (and surviving) this! The birthday cake was perfect for breakfast!

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