I spy with my little eye... happy 1920's finger waves!

If you ever tried to tame curly/frizzy hair, you know how intense the fight can get. Now if you ever tried to master 1920's finger waves, you know how much patience and dexterity is required. So one day, out of exhaustion, I thought, why not try to stop fighting and make something out of my curly hair? First I tried to get rid of as much frizziness as possible and I have to say, Philip B's botanical Mega Curl Enhancer worked really well for me (paraben and phthalate free, I say yay!).  The creamy formula was easy to spread and felt light, no heaviness at all. I let my hair dry (for hours... still haven't found a way to achieve locks with a hair-dryer) naturally and I felt like I was out of a victorian novel when I finally looked in the mirror, hello Jane Austen! As scary as that may be, it was exactly the texture I was looking for. An elastic and 2 bobby pins later, I give you my take on the 1920's finger wave bob:

Challenging Downton Abbey.

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  1. On dirait que tu as coupé !

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