I spy with my little eye... a paper doll.

I met photographer Lindsay Kirkcaldy a year ago at Garderobe's bloggers collaboration, remember  this post? I was amazed to see how patient she was! After she spent the whole day taking photos, we started talking. She had a project in mind, something retro that she wanted to discuss. So after a few coffees, we met in a studio for a few photos, followed by a lot of editing. Again, I praise her patience! A few month later, she sent me the result of our collaboration, let me introduce you to HOB paper doll. I don't know if you remember but when we were children we used to have paper dolls: you would cut your dolly and her clothes and could clip the outfits on her as you wished. We're probably the last generation who played with paper before the digital era, but I have memories of afternoon spent in the south of France, playing with these and my grandmother. 
I'm so grateful for this collaboration that totally fits HOB. 
If you want to work with Lindsay, visit her website here.


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