I spy with my little eye... a make-up challenge.

As you know, a few days ago I was invited by Faces for a make-up training and challenge. It was a great occasion to reconnect and meet my fellow bloggers and exercise our eye. The afternoon started with a colour training based of warm/cold shades. I have to admit it's not as easy as you would think to decide whether someone's skin tone is rather cold or warm. There are technique for that. I found the training clear and concise, but I will never understand why make-up artists and stylists persist on telling me there are blue tones in my red lipstick. Seriously, how do you see blue in plain pure red? I'm sure I'm the one missing something here, but to me red lipstick is red.
After the training, each blogger was given a model and asked to create a make-up and nail style, respecting warm/cold principles. I was very happy to work with the lovely Rana, sweet and easy-going. I loved her pale skin tone and didn't want to cast it with foundation so I went for a fresh parisian look. If you ask me, make-up and style is a question of balance: legs or cleavage, lips or eyes, 2 colours maximum... be coherent and decent. Everybody has their rules, these are mine. Therefore as I stressed on the lips and I kept it low key on the eyes. My main goal was to bring light to the face. And for the nails, I went for an inverted french manicure: light nail, slightly darker line. Simple.

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