I spy with my little eye... mirror, 60's mirror in my hand.

I am more of a 50's gal rather than a 60's one but I completely fell for this joyous bright green piece that fitted me perfectly. I love the feeling of thriftshopping and trying on a new vintage dress: there are so many ways it can go wrong it's hilarious. Toulouse was good to me this summer, I didn't find a lot but what I found was good. So this is my 60's look, right from my boudoir in Paris, along with garden roses! Hope all this greenery will brighten your day!


  1. I love when we can see some (beautiful, always) picures of you.
    Such sweetness, and class come out of you.
    It's like a sparkle of magic for each day :)

  2. @Mély: sending all of these kind words right back at'ya beautiful!


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