I spy with my little eye... details that are not just details.

A few weeks ago I went to an exhibition with S. about Jacques Demy's work (remember "the umbrellas of Cherbourg", "The young girls of Rochefort"?). I'm not going to tell you all about it, it would be boring more than anything, but there is something I liked and I wanted to share with you: the way they curated it. I liked the fact that they highlighted the details in the movies. See the pictures below, there is a "mise en abime" of the snapshots: they digged out the wallpapers used in the scenes. I like that attention to details.

And because I like the world of Jacques Demy, I wanted to share his vision of cinema:

"Why I make movies?

Because I like it,
Because it's dynamic,
Because it's lively,
Because it cries,
Because it laughs,
Because in the cinema, 
You're in the dark,
Where it's warm,
Between a gentleman who's flirting,
And a Lady who doesn't want to,
In front of a jerk who's talking too loud,
Behind a genious with messy hair,
Who's preventing you from reading the subtitles,
Because it dances,
Because it sings,
So I'm high,
Because it's beautiful,
Because filming is like a woman,
Like a man,
It can hurt you,
It can skin you,
It's sometimes ugly,
But most of the time it's nice,
Because it zooms,
Because it travels,
Because it silence, camera, action,
Because we're dreaming,
Twenty-four images a second,
And therefore, it throws in the night,
At eighty-six thousands and four hundreds pictures an hour,
And the high speed trains are so jealous,
Because it's white,
Because it's black and so many other things,
Because I love it,
Because it's the only thing I'm good at."

Jacques Demy

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