I spy with my little eye... a new Hat!

So pitchouns, I've been talking about thriftshopping during the whole summer, it's about time I give you a glimpse of my new additions. Posing for the sake of posing is not really my thing so as you can imagine, there will be more than just a look. I've been playing around them for quite a while, I finally found a way to use them as a background: the fabric wall covering in our family flat in Paris. They were installed in 1978 when my grandfather bought the flat and had it redecorated: each one of my aunts chose the design in their respective rooms and I can't remember ever seeing fabric covering again anywhere. I always admired them, so here is the first one, this is my favourite room.
Now about the outfit: the pleated skirt is vintage, as well as the straw hat. I found both in Paris and thought they would be perfect for Dubai.


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