I spy with my little eye... margaritas on the bank.

Visiting my friend C. is a must when I'm in Paris, she's the quintessence of the Parisian. Effortlessly stylish, rock'n roll, always on the run, and laid back (I realise how antinomic that is but Parisians are both. Seriously). I met her when I was working at Christian Lacroix and since then, she reinvented herself twice. These days, she's the proud and successful owner of the gallery Perception Park, she chooses, creates, produces, curates, and presents exhibitions with an other 10 artists, and when she has a quiet afternoon, she closes the gallery for a few hours, grabs a margarita and heads to the bank of the Seine to catch up with me.

Effortlessly chic C.

 On a date with the Seine...

Perception Park.

A few hours in the life of a gallerist.

Busy bee!

A margarita later... Happy gal'!

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