I spy with my little eye... my favourite Parisian Brasserie.

My favourite French brasserie is in the 16th arrondissement, walking distance from home, how convenient! My father used to take us to the Stella for a glass of bubbly and usually oysters, a steak tartare and eventually, depending on how enthusiastic we were, a giant chocolate éclair. The waiters are witty and very efficient, kind of old style, the interior is cosy with wood and red velvet, it's the perfect spot in winter. I don't pass by Paris without stopping by! This week was very sunny so C. and I enjoyed the terrace. Steak tartare coming my way!

Le Stella
133 Avenue Victor Hugo
75116 Paris
Metro: Victor Hugo
Tel: +33 1 56 90 00


  1. Stella... C'est le nom d'une étoile, non ?
    Et... J'adore ton haut <3
    Ca me rappelle les hauts de maman (marinière).
    Bisou doux !

  2. @Mely: Merci! C'est une tres bonne adresse dans le 16eme, tres années 1950. Un peu le QG familial. x


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