I spy with my little eye... a little bit of Japan in Paris.

Apart from The Stella brasserie, I have a Japanese canteen near the family flat in Paris: the Tampopo. It, obviously, is a tiny restaurant (you are used to it now, everything is small in Paris), 7 tables maximum, and it is owned by a couple who has been in France for 30 years now. Mr. Kawabe is renown for his refined "Kaiseki" cuisine. He worked in some on the best Parisian Japanese restaurants and opened the Tampopo 10 years ago with his wife who is in charge of the service. They are as discreet as the design of their space, quiet and very sweet. My family has known them for years and it feels like home now. We usually order by phone when we book the table, that's how well we know the menu!

Family picture with my mother and Mr. and Mrs. Kawabe.

Sushi moriawase, my personal favourite!

Welcome to Japan!

The Tampopo
66 rue Lauriston
75116 Paris
Métro Victor Hugo/Boissière/Trocadero
Tél.: +33 1 47 27 74 52

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