I spy with my little eye... Fashion is everywhere.

Those following me on Facebook already know I visited the Fashion Museum of Albi a few days ago. I would have never expected to find such thing in my father's countryside but I was amazed by the quality of this little gem when I discovered it last year right after it opened (remember this post?). I couldn't resist going back this year and visiting the brand new exhibition based on regional donors. Oh what a joy to learn that fashion travels and is to be found everywhere. True to it's founder's philosophy, Mr. Dominique Miraille, the museum is as small and cosy as it used to be, there is no logic between the pieces but they are all in perfect condition. I was lucky enough to meet Mr. Miraille: he is a former singer who started collecting fashion pieces when he was 16 years old. When he decided to quit singing, he bought a town house in Albi to host his collection. He refused official help and assistance and persisted in staying completely independent. He is passionate about material and texture and fiercely devoted to his museum. 
Despite the fact that the space is constituted of 3 rooms only, I have so many pictures I might have to spread them in 2 parts... Have a look at the museum website here.


Winter is coming. (I wish!)

Hello 1930's cloche hats!

A little bit of Courrèges for the road.

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