I spy with my little eye... the talking thing.

"L'objet qui parle" (The talking thing) is a classic Paris space: tiny and packed with gorgeous things. The shop is 5 square meters big and is jammed from floor to roof with old things. It is a total mess, and I love it: rolls of wallpaper, stuffed animals, china, plastic hands, bottles... It is a real "cabinet de curiosité" located in Montmartre where Parisians live the dolce vita, hence the owners having lunch on the street, in front of their shop. Everytime I enter it I am tempted to buy a few apothecary bottles, but then I remember they probably wouldn't survive the flight back to Dubai. 

L'Objet Qui Parle
86 rue des Martyrs
75018 Paris
Métro: Abbesses/Pigalle
Tél.: +33 6 09 67 05 30


  1. Ahhhh ! My God !!! La vaiselleeeeeuh (toutes les couleurs, inspirantes, vibrantes, et très originales !).

  2. @Mély: C'est une super adresse, il faut y aller!


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