I spy with my little eye... a childhood treasure.

When I was young, my siblings and I use to visit our grandparents in the South of France. It was full of charm, all about markets and the beach but as much as we liked the beach, we were city children (and I still am a city gal', I'm not very good at laying on a beach). After a few days we would get bored, therefore we spent hours watching a little ballerina dance in a bottle. I understand your surprise. Well between 1957 and the late 1970's Lucas Bols liquor bottles were designed to shelter a tiny ballerina and a music box that would play classics. People would drink the liquor and keep the bottle. My grandparents happen to have one of these and pretty much all my South of France memories include this tiny musical doll. It was such a thrill to find an other one of these on a flea market in Paris! this one is playing Charlie Chaplin's movie Limelight soundtrack. Hope you will enjoy a hint of my childhood. 

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