I spy with my little eye... getting ready for the Prom!

M. and I drove to Toulouse the other day to visit one of her favourite vintage shops called Groucho. I remember the first time she talked about it, I decided to check it online: the prices were still in francs! Even the website is vintage. So it was a given they were not great with technology and communication (which, usually is a good thing for thriftshops), so I was very much looking forward to this mysterious shop. Turns out they have 2 locations in Toulouse: one is 1900's-1950's, the other one specialises in 1960's-1980's stuff as the owner explained. I have to say, it was a real pleasure to chit-chat with a guy who took time to explain where he sources tons of treasures and how he manages to fix them before selling them. All the items were in perfect condition and that makes SUCH a difference! M. and I spent hours playing dress-up in these shops and I came back with a new hat and a dress (pictures to come), in the mean time, I can't resist showing you some of my favourite pieces! Enjoy les pitchouns!

Such a cute tea dress! Please note the bow down the dress...

Back to the 50's.

Fell for this one, unfortunately wool isn't realistic when living in Dubai.

Had to resist bying this gorgeous black taffetas dress. 
M.: "Oh you should take it, it's your 30's birthday after all!"
Me: "As much as I like it, I cannot buy a funeral dress for my 30's!"

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