I spy with my little eye... rock'n roll Baby!

M. and I went to Gaillac. I have great memories of this tiny village since my father used to take us there to perfect our oenological education. This time we didn't taste wine, instead we walked around the flea market and ended up surrounded by old classical cars. It was the monthly meeting of the Classic Cars Club and we had no idea! Now let's make something straight: I know nothing about cars. It took me years, several instructors and 2 countries to get my driving licence and I still feel like I have clueless behind a steering wheel (better put your seat-belts on when I'm driving!), but I appreciate retro classical things, all things, cars included. We ended up having a very vintage and fun day in Gaillac.

Back to the 1920's...

M: "I HAVE to pose with this bee!"

M: "Come on Flo, I want this pic, I'm already collecting pics for your next birthday and this one will be perfect!"

Now this is my kind of picnic!

M: "Ouf (Thank God) I didn't get married!"

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