I spy with my little eye... Mrs Bovary.

Happy Autumn pitchouns! Wall tapestry, second shot! I'm happy to introduce you to the other original fabric wall covering in the family Paris flat (and secondarily to my other new hat). The first tapestry had a spring vibe while this one feels more like autumn, therefore I felt it was more suited for the winter wool hat and the  metal 1930's clutch I bought this summer, along with an ordinary trench-coat. This outfit reminded me of 19th century Mrs. Bovary, society woman, pretty and melancholic.
The very last picture is kind of a behind-the-scenes: it's not all glam, it's also hats falling on your face and big laughters.

Autumn is coming (sorry, t'was too easy).

Read my lips.

And my personal favourite...


  1. I love the wallpaper! It looks like fabric, is it at your home in Albi?

  2. It is fabric! No it's in Paris, just like the other post, remember: http://www.hintofbeautiful.com/2013/08/i-spy-with-my-little-eye-new-hat.html

  3. Yep, the ferns! I remember. Grandparents place?


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